Who are we?

TalkAbroad is a community spread across 15 different countries.

Our office is in Denver but the real work of TalkAbroad happens in Latin America, Africa, China and throughout the US. Working remotely the team consists of conversation partners, country directors, alumni and administrators.

In 2009 we started out of a not-for-profit in Honduras and over the years have been thrilled to provide conversation practice for over 100 universities, colleges and high schools.

We believe in providing a great language immersion experience.

Many students experience the real joy of language learning during their first study abroad program. It becomes a fun and exciting challenge to communicate with the native speakers they encounter.

Unfortunately study abroad programs are expensive and a big commitment. Not everyone can do it. It's our hope that TalkAbroad can provide short and affordable "immersion experiences" to students unable to leave their home country.

Business can be done two ways.

We believe there's a right way to do business and a wrong way. At TalkAbroad you won't find students forced to pay extravagant fees, trapped into any expensive add-ons, or unable to get help when they need it. We provide complete transparency on pricing and service. And we stick to it.

Our first priority is the people that make up TalkAbroad. That includes professors, students and our conversation partners.

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Our Social Mission

In many areas of the world the difference between subsistence living and thriving is a job.

TalkAbroad partners with non-profit institutions in economically disadvantaged countries to provide fair, reliable, and flexible employment to respected members of the community. We've worked with hundreds of partners in over 15 countries.

To learn more about our social goals or to partner with us feel free to send an email.

Management Team


Todd Nichols

CEO, University Partnerships

Todd sets the vision. He also plays soccer, skis, and loves nearly all leisure sports. Raised in Nebraska, he's also a Husker fanatic.

Daniel Mateus

Daniel Mateus

Director of Support

Daniel leads the support team and knows every part of TalkAbroad. When a problem needs solving he's the man to do it!

Jocelyn Cordero Soto

Jocelyn Cordero Soto

Director of Human Resources

Jocelyn coordinates the training and growth of our conversation partner community. She has a passion for improving the student experience. If you want to be part of our team please contact hrteam@talkabroad.com

Carolina Atuesta

Carolina Atuesta

Project Manager

Carolina leads all one-time projects. She's full of smiles and loves bringing people together.

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