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Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Arabic, and Japanese

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Supplement book learning by talking with native speakers around the world.

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How does TalkAbroad Work?

Choose a Partner

Read about each conversation partner's background and hobbies. All conversation partners are trained and supervised by TalkAbroad to ensure you have a great experience.

Schedule a time with your conversation partner according to your own schedule.

Bring a Topic to Discuss

Your professor may provide you a topic. If not, bring your own topic or just see where the conversation leads!

  • Share favorite pastimes and hobbies
  • Learn about the education, government or healthcare system in your partner's country
  • Find out about your popular destinations in your partner's country

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Meet with your Partner

Realtime conversations are 15 or 30 minutes in length and take place directly on the TalkAbroad website with state-of-the-art videoconferencing tools. All that's needed is a microphone, video camera, and modern browser.

Run into trouble? Our support team is there to help.

Rinse and Repeat

TalkAbroad provides you and your professor a recording of your conversation!

Listen to the recording to review what you didn't understand and to prepare for your next conversation. You can stay with the same partner or choose a new one in a different country!

Conversation partners are available in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese and Arabic.

Integrate TalkAbroad into your curriculum

Adaptable for Your Curriculum

TalkAbroad is not bundled with any other textbook or software offering. Add interaction with a native speaker into your curriculum as a stand alone assignment or as a complement to an already existing activity.

Communicate with the conversation partners

Using the professor platform you can provide instructions to the conversation partners ahead of time. You can also use your account to supervise and listen to the audio recordings of your students with their partners.

Listen to the audio recording

Full Student Supervision

Your professor account gives you full access to every conversation your student completes. Listen to the full conversation or simply check in to see how they did.

Use the audio recording to make creative post-assignments for students to complete after their conversation: writing assignments, class presentations or transcriptions.

Register a professor account

Register your classes

After creating a professor account you can register your classes for the semester.

There's no commitment or contract needed. Use TalkAbroad with 1 student or 300.


TalkAbroad for Educators

TalkAbroad is designed with professors in mind.

TalkAbroad Pricing for Universities

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30-minute Conversations

  • 1 conversation: $15.00
  • 2 conversations: $30.00
  • 3 conversations: $40.00
  • 4 conversations: $45.00
  • 5+ conversations: $10.00/conversation

15-minute Conversations

  • 1 conversation: $15.00
  • 2 conversations: $25.00
  • 3 conversations: $30.00
  • 4+ conversations: $7.50/conversation

All pricing is per student.

TalkAbroad Pricing for High Schools

30-minute Conversations: $12.00

15-minute Conversations: $10.00

All high school credits must be purchased and used through a high school professor account. High schools can choose either a high school or a university account depending on which pricing fits their use case the best.

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